Workshop Who’s Who

Workshop hosts FAQs – (arranged by topic)

Radio DJ Panel w/ Pam Rossi, Tom Saunders and Dan Hazlett

Pam Rossi hosts the well know Detroit Radio program “Over Easy” on WCSX, Tom Saunders is the host of internet radio program “Folk-it” and a founding member of the station “AnnArborAlive”, Dan Hazlett is a former host of the folk music radio program, “Local Folks” on WXOU at Oakland University.

Songwriting Workshop Panel w/ Jan Krist, Jim Bizer and Dan Hazlett

Detroit-based acoustic CCM singer/songwriter Jan Krist debuted in 1992 with the LP Decapitated Society, followed two years later by A Wing and a Prayer; in 1996, she returned with Curious, produced in part by the legendary Jim Dickinson; Love Big, Us Small followed in early 2000. Krist is a well established veteran of the acoustic music scene. Jan.s musical gifts have been recognized by Billboard Magazine, Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Dirty Linen, Image Journal, and others.

Starting his professional career at age 14, Jim Bizer has performed literally thousands of times, mostly around the midwest and his nativeDetroit. He’s been a “cover” musician, a session player and a composer for radio and television, but his first love is playing his guitar and singing his songs for all who listen. With a comfortable rapport and an intimate delivery, he is equally at home in the house concert or on the festival stage.

Jim is a masterful performer and a superb guitarist, but it is his songwriting that has recently earned accolades: His song “We Are All Connected”, a moving 9/11 testament, won the grand prize in the Great American Song Contest and led to an appearance at the Mountain Stage NewSong Festival (WV). Jim has been a finalist (three times!) in the New Folk songwriting competition at the Kerrville Folk Festival (TX), and made hisKerrvillemainstage debut in June 2005.

For more than 30 years, Dan Hazlett has performed and toured throughout theMidwest. His seven previously released CDs have received airplay throughout the United States as well as internationally, and have been praised by everyone from musical colleagues to concert hosts to radio DJs. Dan has been nominated multiple times for Detroit Music Awards, and has achieved recognition for his work in events such as the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest, Big Top Chautauqua Songwriting Contest, and the Billboard Songwriting Competition.

Songwriting Workshop w/ Michael Smith

Michael Smith stands out as one of the few undisputed geniuses among singer-songwriters. Sing Out! Magazine.

One of the best songwriters in the English language …an enchanting and riveting performer. Chicago Magazine

Songwriting Workshop w/ Mark Stuart and Stacey Earle

 Stacey and Mark own their own record label, Gearle Records, and have made 8 CDs over the years. Since meeting in 1992 and marrying in late 1993, the partners have toured theUSA,Canada, andEuroperepeatedly. They left the environment of pursuing a major label deal inNashvillein 1998 to target small intimate venue crowds in theaters, coffeehouses, festivals, clubs, and house concerts. This has become their home and they are a recognized fixture on the folk music trail they blaze.

Songwriting Workshop w/ Dana Cooper

Cooper’s talent has been obvious from the beginning. Signed with Elektra Records in 1973, that talent has taken him around the world, performing regularly to enthusiastic audiences inEuropeand nearly every state in theUnion.

Dana Cooper has not just been practicing art in his own way for more than thirty years; he’s been succeeding at it. A popular speaker and mentor at songwriting workshops, he’s become what elders should be: a role model.

Songwriting Workshop w/ Ed Groves

For more than twenty years Edward has been quietly and privately writing acoustic based songs that span and combine all types of music with the threads of observation, experience, and imagination running through them. If a story is involved, it is cleanly articulated by a songwriter who knows and enjoys songwriting.

Audiences often leave Edward’s performances feeling that they have connected with this natural songwriter and with each other. Maybe they’ve even heard some truth.

Booking 101 w/ Jan Krist

 Jan is employed by David Tamulevich Artist Management as well as having a past association with The Roots Agency.

Booking Workshop w/ David Tamulevich

The co founder of Fleming Tamulevich, a long time associate of The Roots Agency, David now owns and operates his own booking agency, Tamulevich Artist Management.  In his career he has represented such folk icons as John Gorka, Annie DeFranco, and Greg Brown.

Grant Writing Workshop w/ Kitty Donohoe

 Ann Arbor-based songwriter and Michigan Emmy recipient Kitty Donohoe is not an Irish or Celtic singer, but she clearly draws from that part of her heritage, as well as her American roots, as an artist. Iconic WFMT-Chicago folk dj Rich Warren calls Kitty “far above and beyond most singersongwriters.” She writes music that has been called earthy, luminous and compelling (The Weekender) and she’s been praised in the press equally for her voice, her musicality, and her songwriting. Sing Out!, one of the oldest and most respected folk music magazines in the industry, says that Kitty is one of the rare singer-songwriters to sensuously weave words and melody into a strong and mezmerizing fabric.

Video Production Workshop w/ Bob Marr

Here is a singer/songwriter who writes stories about you and me and the guy down the street. He writes about disturbing social issues as well as exploration of self worth. Throw in some comical lyrics about real-life situations, et, voila! I was in a few cover bands back in the day, but put it aside to raise a family, and work like a dog. I taught bluegrass banjo and fingerstyle guitar in the “off time”. I picked up performing again in April of 2005, and I’ve been having a ball. I’ve also been writing a ton of tunes, some that actually don’t sound bad. Who knows what the heck triggered that. The first CD, One Of Them Nights, was released in October of 2006, and the 2nd will soon follow. I play all the instruments in my tunes. They include 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar, 5 string banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, harp (OK, harmonica), bass guitar and piano. I’m also learning the tin whistle, if I could only find a way to attach strings to it.

Recording Workshop Panel w/ Dan Hazlett, Steve Deasy, Dennis Kingsbury and John Finan

 This Pittsburgh-bornDetroitsinger/songwriter is a classically trained, intelligent and serious acoustic folk musician with a wicked sense of humor and an almost Zen-like stage presence. Although Deasy’s lyric-writing has been compared to both Harry Chapin and Michael Peter Smith, the influence of some of his early band days playing jazz, rock, funk, fusion and classical piano adds an intoxicating blend of complexity to his stripped down folk sound.

Dennis Kingsbury is Floyd King – Floyd King & the Bushwackers is the J. Geils Band of Folk Music! Songs you can stomp your feet to. Drama and beauty together in a song and in a show.

Songs about the “Castaway Bar” where the boys and girls get together for a Blue Grass jam. Songs that go from a deal-gone-bad with the Devil to climbing to the top of the mountain in glory. A kickin’ tribute to “Hillbilly Rose”
Heaven and Hell, Life and Death, Love and War. Vocal Harmony with Instrumental Fire. Drama and Beauty.

 A guitarist since age 6, and a songwriter since age 15, John has been performing publicly since 1978. After years in original and cover bands, he moved to performing his own acoustic material in the early 1990’s, and hasn’t stopped since. John performs extensively at many Detroit-area venues, and, from 1997 to 2004, hosted the Wednesday night open mic at Xhedos Cafe inFerndale, MI., where he actively supported and encouraged local music and musicians.

Recording Workshop w/ Glenn Brown

With 30 years of experience and over 1000 album credits, Glenn Brown’s expertise in audio production has been utilized by various studios and artists from coast to coast which have earned him a variety of industry nominations and awards Including two Emmy Awards.

During the early 1970’s he trained as an audio engineer, studied electrical engineering, acoustics, physics and music and became chief engineer at three major Michigan recording studios.

Glenn also performed as a Band Leader, Guitarist, Keyboardist with multiple Rock, Jazz and Pop Music Groups from 1970 thru 1981.

Since 1985, Glenn has worked in multiple surround sound formats and recorded, mixed & mastered projects in 4 channel , 8 channel as well as 5.1 surround for a wide variety of film, industrial and corporate clients. As a Mastering Engineer, Glenn has put the final touch on several hundred popular music compact discs and many commercial projects.

Vocal Workshop w/Claudia Schmidt

Almost four decades as a touring professional have found Michigan native Claudia Schmidt traversing North America as well as Europe in venues ranging from intimate clubs to 4,000 seat theatres, and festival stages in front of 25,000 rapt listeners. She has recorded fourteen albums of mostly original songs, exploring folk,
blues, and jazz idioms featuring her acclaimed 12-string guitar and mountain dulcimer playing.