Our Annual Showcase (held at Trinity House Theatre) features a new roster of members each year performing for the benefit of the Trinity House Theatre.

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Past Annual Showcases

2022 – September 24
Featured Performers: Dan Cafferty, Rob Cairns, Kathleen DeView, John Finan, Mary Beth Howell, Chris McGorey, Robin Monterosso, Roger Ponder, Linden Thoburn, Kathy Wieland, with Jere Stormer serving as emcee.

2021 – January 29, See this concert online at Trinity House Theatre FaceBook Page
Featured Performers: Stuart Benbow, Robb Cairns, Annie Capps, John Finan, Mary Beth Howell, Tracy Kash, Kathy Kitzman, Marty Kohn, Don Lee, Joel Palmer, Mike Ward, and Kathy Wieland, with Beverly Meyer srving as emcee.

2020 – February 21
Featured Performers: Dan Cafferty, Sigrid Christiansen, Lauren Crane, Steve Kovich, Chris McGorey, Ron Muka, Bobby Pennock, Mike Ward, and Kathy Wieland, with John Bommarito of ann arbor’s 107one serving as emcee.

2019 August 10
Featured Performers: Annie Capps, Sigrid Christiansen, Lauren Crane, Mary Beth Howell, Kathy Kitzman, Beverly Meyers, Robin Monterosso, Linden Thoburn, Sharon Tse, and Kathy Wieland, with Annie Capps serving as emcee.

2019 – February 22
Featured Performers: Gary Browe, Annie Capps, Hugh Fader, Dan Hazlett, Karidia (George and Lynn Karidis), Marty Kohn, Phil McMillion, Jerry Price, Jere Stormer, Linden Thoburn, with Bill Keith serving as emcee.

2018 – March 24
Featured Performers: Robb Cairns, Luti Erbeznik, Dave Falk, Mary Beth Howell, Clint Lavens, Beverly Meyer, Bobby Pennock, Roger Ponder, Tobin Sterritt, Larry Wolfe, and your emcee – Bill Keith.

2017 – February 17
Featured Performers: Stuart Benbow, Terry Birkett, Lauren Crane, Blaise Kieran Glander, Duane Allen Harlick, Kathy Kitzmann, Clint Lavens, Chris McGorey, Mitch Matthews, Vernon Tonges, and your emcee – Annie Capps

2016 – March 18
Featured Performers: John Finan, Martin Kohn, Mike Wilhelm, Mark Jewett, Kathy Wieland, Jerome Price, Karyn Goff, Robin Monterosso, Gary Browe, Karidia (George and Lynn Karidis), and as always your emcee – Tom Saunders

2014 – October 3
Featured Performers: Hugh Fader, Robb Cairns, Linda Girard, Jere Stormer, John Rinn, Dave Falk, Sigrid Christiansen, Bobby Pennock, Sharon Tse, and as always your emcee – Tom Saunders

2013 – September 20
Featured Performers: Annie Capps, Robb Cairns, Steve D’Angelo, Judy Insley, Luti, Roger Ponder, Clint Lavens, Chris McGorey, Sue Nordman, and as always your emcee – Tom Saunders

2013 – January 18
Featured Performers: Derek Daniel,  Vernon Tonges,  Idell Smith,  George Heritier,  Stuart Benbow,  Dan Hazlett,  Ian Pinchback,  Steve Kovich,  Mitch Matthews, Lauren Crane

2012  May 4
Featured Performers: Beverly Meyer, Kathy Wieland, Evie Boss, Diane Westin, Robin Monterosso, Angel Brock, Tobin Sterritt, Mark Jewett, Marty Kohn, Kevin Crain

2011 – April 20
Featured Performers:  Dave Falk, John Finan, Joe Kidd, Clint Lavins, George Lilly, Robert Marr, Chris McGorey, Sue Nordman, Bobby Pennock, Roger Ponder

2010 – February
Featured Performers:  Robb Cairns, Sigrid Christiansen, Dorothy Cooley, Linda Girard, Blaise Glander, Luti, Joel Palmer, Keith Parmentier, John Rinn, Sharon Tse

2009 – February 6
Featured Performers: Annie Capps, Derek Daniel, Steve Deasy, John Dobat, Dan Hazlett, Tracy Kash Thomas, Dennis Kingsbury, Bob Marshall, Angela Predhome, Alan Sturt

Featured Performers: Marilyn Baldwin Driggs & Tom Mansell, Art Cameron, Mike Ewing, John Finan, Judy Insley, Kathy Kitzmann, Steve Kovich, Ron Muka, Mike Stephens, Jere Stormer

2006 – November 17
Featured Performers: Barb Barrett, Ed Groves, Ben Hassenger, Mark Iannace, Clint Lavens, Chris McGorey, Sue Nordman, Lyn Sawicki, Alan Taylor, Kathy Weiland

2005 – February 4 (Just Plain Folks)
Featured Performers: Bruce Bale, Barbara Barrett, The Hummingbirds, Steve Kovich, Lisa Pappas

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