Mission Statement:

“Songwriters Anonymous is an active community of songwriters who meet monthly in SE Michigan and who share their mutual interests through the development of musical skills and industry knowledge. In addition to providing networking and performance opportunities for its members, Song Anon is committed to promoting collaboration and encouraging all levels of ability by fostering an inclusive, friendly and nurturing environment.”

A Brief History of Songwriters Anonymous

Songwriters Anonymous had an inauspicious beginning, meeting in the upstairs room of an Ypsilanti Michigan record store.  The original intent was to form a local chapter of a large national organization whose goal is to bring together members of local musical communities for the purpose of interaction.

As the group developed it became clear that a tighter focus would allow the accomplishment of more specific goals.  The idea of a supportive alliance of songwriters began to take form.

Moving our base of operations to a local music venue, The Trinity House Theater in Livonia, Michigan and establishing regular monthly meetings, Songwriters Anonymous was born as a support group for Southeastern Michigan songwriters of all levels of experience.  In the early stages, SA spent most of the meeting times getting to know one another and sharing songs.  As the membership grew the group began to organize many useful and instructive activities including:  workshops focusing on songwriting and aspects of the music business presented both by members of the organization and outside experts, a monthly songwriter showcase at various local venues featuring members of the group, song critique sessions, a yearly showcase presented at the Trinity House Theater with proceeds going to support the Theater, a compilation CD, and sponsoring a songwriting competition for youthful songwriters.

Having created momentum in Southeast Michigan, the membership then decided to establish committees to better facilitate new as well as ongoing activities.

How do I join Songwriters Anonymous?

There are currently no dues and no documents to sign in order to become a member.

Since our focus is songwriters in SE Michigan, the main requirement for membership is to attend our meetings at least once, and as often as possible.

Where and When are the meetings held?

Our meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm at The Trinity House Theater in Livonia, MI.

38840 W. 6 Mile
Livonia, MI  48152-2605
(734) 464-6302

What can I expect when I attend a meeting?

You can expect to be warmly welcomed into our group.  The first part of a meeting is generally reserved for discussing new and ongoing business, activities and news.  Often a portion of the meeting is set aside for an activity such as a group critique or the presentation of a workshop.  The highlight of every meeting is the song swap which rounds out the evening.  First time members are always given the opportunity to share a song and there’s generally time for everyone who has a song they wish to share that month.

Once I’ve joined, how can I become more involved in the activities undertaken by Songwriters Anonymous?

We are an organization made up of volunteers.  Anyone who chooses to take on a leadership role is welcomed to do so.  Everyone is encouraged to take part in establishing and executing our ongoing activities.