Song Anon Showcase
February 21, 2020

Upcoming Meetings

Regular Meetings:
October 16, 2019
November 20, 2019
December ?, 2019 - Annual Holiday Party
January 15, 2020
February 19, 2020 (Showcase Rehearsal)
March 18, 2020
April 15, 2020
May 20, 2020
June 17, 2020
July 15, 2020
August ? - Annual Summer Hootenanny
September 16, 2020
October 21, 2020
November 18, 2020
December ?, 2020 - Annual Holiday Party

Upcoming Showcase – February 21, 2020

Our Annual Showcase (held at Trinity House Theatre) features a new roster of members each year performing for the benefit of the Trinity House Theatre.
The 2020 roster includes: TBD

Past Annual Showcases

2019 August 10
Featured Performers: Annie Capps, Sigrid Christiansen, Lauren Crane, Mary Beth Howell, Kathy Kitzman, Beverly Meyers, Robin Monterosso, Linden Thoburn, Sharon Tse, and Kathy Wieland, with Annie Capps serving as emcee.

2019 – February 22
Featured Performers: Gary Browe, Annie Capps, Hugh Fader, Dan Hazlett, Karidia (George and Lynn Karidis), Marty Kohn, Phil McMillion, Jerry Price, Jere Stormer, Linden Thoburn, with Bill Keith serving as emcee.

2018 – March 24
Featured Performers: Robb Cairns, Luti Erbeznik, Dave Falk, Mary Beth Howell, Clint Lavens, Beverly Meyer, Bobby Pennock, Roger Ponder, Tobin Sterritt, Larry Wolfe, and your emcee – Bill Keith.

2017 – February 17
Featured Performers: Stuart Benbow, Terry Birkett, Lauren Crane, Blaise Kieran Glander, Duane Allen Harlick, Kathy Kitzmann, Clint Lavens, Chris McGorey, Mitch Matthews, Vernon Tonges, and your emcee – Annie Capps

2016 – March 18
Featured Performers: John Finan, Martin Kohn, Mike Wilhelm, Mark Jewett, Kathy Wieland, Jerome Price, Karyn Goff, Robin Monterosso, Gary Browe, Karidia (George and Lynn Karidis), and as always your emcee – Tom Saunders

2014 – October 3
Featured Performers: Hugh Fader, Robb Cairns, Linda Girard, Jere Stormer, John Rinn, Dave Falk, Sigrid Christiansen, Bobby Pennock, Sharon Tse, and as always your emcee – Tom Saunders

2013 – September 20
Featured Performers: Annie Capps, Robb Cairns, Steve D’Angelo, Judy Insley, Luti, Roger Ponder, Clint Lavens, Chris McGorey, Sue Nordman, and as always your emcee – Tom Saunders

2013 – January 18
Featured Performers: Derek Daniel,  Vernon Tonges,  Idell Smith,  George Heritier,  Stuart Benbow,  Dan Hazlett,  Ian Pinchback,  Steve Kovich,  Mitch Matthews, Lauren Crane

2012  May 4
Featured Performers: Beverly Meyer, Kathy Wieland, Evie Boss, Diane Westin, Robin Monterosso, Angel Brock, Tobin Sterritt, Mark Jewett, Marty Kohn, Kevin Crain

2011 – April 20
Featured Performers:  Dave Falk, John Finan, Joe Kidd, Clint Lavins, George Lilly, Robert Marr, Chris McGorey, Sue Nordman, Bobby Pennock, Roger Ponder

2010 – February
Featured Performers:  Robb Cairns, Sigrid Christiansen, Dorothy Cooley, Linda Girard, Blaise Glander, Luti, Joel Palmer, Keith Parmentier, John Rinn, Sharon Tse

2009 – February 6
Featured Performers: Annie Capps, Derek Daniel, Steve Deasy, John Dobat, Dan Hazlett, Tracy Kash Thomas, Dennis Kingsbury, Bob Marshall, Angela Predhome, Alan Sturt

Featured Performers: Marilyn Baldwin Driggs & Tom Mansell, Art Cameron, Mike Ewing, John Finan, Judy Insley, Kathy Kitzmann, Steve Kovich, Ron Muka, Mike Stephens, Jere Stormer

2006 – November 17
Featured Performers: Barb Barrett, Ed Groves, Ben Hassenger, Mark Iannace, Clint Lavens, Chris McGorey, Sue Nordman, Lyn Sawicki, Alan Taylor, Kathy Weiland

2005 – February 4 (Just Plain Folks)
Featured Performers: Bruce Bale, Barbara Barrett, The Hummingbirds, Steve Kovich, Lisa Pappas